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ward under ramus of lower jaw, about the size of a beo'i
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results. At the time I was unable to get any information on the
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greater field of usefulness, is unquestionably an anti-tuberculosis edu-
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second operation. Dr. Haynes' single experience, though
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of persons suffering from small-pox, the organizing of
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grees, the inhibition increasing with the increase of the alkalinity.
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off, a little blood and mucus often insufficient to attract the patient's attention
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bination with aconitic acid (CgHeOe), have been obtained from
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Bull. U.S. Army M. Dept., no. 88, pp. 78-82, (March) 1945.
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strength to the conviction that pressure as a therapeutic agency
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may be complete paraplegia from softening of the spinal cord.
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class is also in successful operation, and more than half
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was as real as pain can be. It is past the time when ironical
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the disease would be found to involve degenerative changes in the gastro-
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ilr. Rv.MSEY : In the event of its being carried, I am