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render any further efforts in that way unnecessary, if not injurious and

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jnen, and excessive in passing urine or feces ; countenance very

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of these substances, therefore, must be essential to

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loid idiots associated with congenital morbus cordis ; but in our experience

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Having from a rather limited observation — for I do but little

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twenty-four or thirty-six hours by jaundice, strongly

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that she was again becoming anaemic and took her to see

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(Not a fire in a shut^up stove, but, if possible, in an open fire-

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patients had understood in the earlier stages the reasons

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language was to be located in the third frontal convolution of

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Bassi" has treated six cases of severe acute double pneumonia by

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sory. The apoplectic and convulsive foi-ms are always fatal in a few

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bacco. Dr. "William Mayo says that from eighty to ninety-five per cent

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• up to 5 times more effective than oral hydrocortisone,

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of reduction is applicable, the rapid method is recommended.

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branches, and of the distal portion and branches of

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In one family the grandmother died insane. In the mother's frater-

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The fact that pressure can be made over the spinous pro-

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tion whatever as to my duty, in speaking of this subject at all, to speak

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as highly interesting. The first question which it occurred to him to ask when

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As we antifiiiiited, the charge of manslaughter preferred

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tive. She was put on the thyroid tablets, one tablet

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the one that has been offered — ?'. r., that it is a sympa-

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defect of vision. Amaurosis dependent on neuro-retinitis may diminish,

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the end- reactions of the titration of the phosphoric acid are theoretically never

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and the sulphocarbolates evidently is due to a wide and favorable clinical experience, and,

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their minds, much of it to be unlearned in after years.

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of this the blood was readily defibrinated. The transfer of the defibrinated

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through membranes, at least, as thick, as those of the air

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time, it fdlows that they do not have opportunity to be

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an attack of scours due to the milk of the dam, or a chill while fol-

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per-cent. solution. Analgesia to the level of the dia-

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normally in several of the cavities of the body, as the trachea, bronchi,