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and cell proliferation of the endothelium of the capsule, and albumi-

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of the Association not included in Branches, and the

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and afterward was especially studied by Jaccoud and Sulzer. Gen-

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are drawn by aspiration with a sterilized syringe from one of the

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to present the enclosed three notes to the Treasurer

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sufficient to raise the wine for a few minutes to 60' or

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to occur when the uterus is opened and the pressure

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lieve, performed lithotomy more frequently and suc-

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tences, which were utterly unintelligible. Her cousin

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bing to be so applied as to promote the normal course

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tion by solution of chloride of lime. (The application

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hope for a series of similar reports, with equally well

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apex stroke. Great accumulations depress the diaphragm, compress

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purpose is to point out his error, at least in one par-

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antiphlogistic methods. Such practice has now faUen,

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obliteration of the pericardial sac may remain without clinical evi-

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treatment of syphilis, briefly alluding to, and giving

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legs, constructed on an entirely new principle, were

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pointing to pneumonia as a not infrequent cause. He appreciated

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beings, we must take as ultimate facts, to be care-

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words, such an organism would resist the influence of

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and HATCHER will send post free, on receipt of two stamps,

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tions. Thus one litre would represent the maximum quantity of

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Home, 2 P.M. — Royal Orthopedic, 2 p.m. — Koyal

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said, would feed the disease, and directed me to take

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the physiology of the organs of nutrition or vegeta-

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cess of the abdomen, containing an extraneous body,

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Waltz's Introduction bears strongly the impress of the

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of the medical officers of health of the metropolis was

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tutional in the sense of eacli several tumour having

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side speedUy under the use of the simplest possible