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fungus which is able to produce the true characteristic favus,
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along. The motion was promptly met by Sir Douglas Galton,
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manner as to leave an oval perforation from 1 to 2 inches
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the consumer can best be protected against a milk that is the
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the population, and that it requires the utter blindness of the animal
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which in m'ai.y cases lasted well through ttie desquamative
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cal courtesies of the kind between kindred professions are, however,
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tives of all the hospitals when assembled to formulate a
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a former scheme for the foundation of a chartered College of
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of a bland thrombus become dislodged from the noninfected surface of rheu-
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manufacturing " white lead " other than that at present so
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the surgical theatre of the St. Louis Hospital. He traced the
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of the lung becomes blocked by the blood; and many cases
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round the soft palate the vegetations could be felt in the naso-
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Murray, F. T. Paul, W. T. Thomas, and Joseph Wiglesworth.
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children, one of whom, the boy, bears the name of Jesus
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provided. .Applications to William Clark, Honorary Secretary, by
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uo way, perhaps, are those endeavours titiouer; on the contrary, the habit of
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Quiroga, Miguel Puiggari; Secretary, Dr. Tiburcio Padilla,
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exudation. The advantages of this system of control test
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they were before the tuberculin treatment, and may be
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refutation of them to offer and no fallacy regarding them to prove I
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have special precautions taken with them as regards their
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lysis of the left side of the soft palate was associated with
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S., ii ; Ear, S., 9..30 ; Skin, Th., 9 , Deutal, Tu., 9. Operation Days.
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Gyn. for 1881. In the article of 1881 he said his method had