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syphilis is the cause of sixty per cent, of all cases of this disease.

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nutrition, as shown distinctly in the influence upon

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tial amputations of tlie foot. Internat. J. Surg., N. Y.,

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patient being in lithotomy position, with hips raised. It

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Pure elastic tubing, half an inch in diameter, is then

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and at length are, in like manner, removed. Hence, as the affection pro-

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possible to remove the whole mass, and it was necessary to

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requires to be laid hold of with forceps, or some kind of hook, or to be per-

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his wagons with that from the other two producers, A. and B. No

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In reference to music, a case was long ago recorded by Lasegue in

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ject, the benefits to be derived from the appointment of

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, Dr. Peaslee said the present topic, chronic metritis,has

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ei.-\ : 4, to av .--l crettinjr wet through, errors of diet and other excesses,

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mation of tlirombin; and second, the conversion of fibrinogen into

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that pyletis must be differentiated from, and that is malaria. I

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ease. In size they were various, commonly the head of a pin and a six cent

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ing were the officers elected for the present year :

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into the inside receptacle of a custard boiler. Put as much warm

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invite and reward an attentive perusal of them. The whole

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four to thirty hours; but care must be had that this is properly pre-

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of Health, and on the Board of Medical Examiners for six years I knew

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caused by the stomach distended with gas, is explained, 1

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president; Dr. L. H. Adler, Jr., first vice-president ; Dr. S.

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escaping. Fifth labour at seven months ; child footling, dead.

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pear-shaped body with two nuclei and two blepharo[)lasts. The

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" As her work advances she grows dreadfully nervous.

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Anatomy : Cheselden's, or the New System of Anatomy.

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This theory of the origin of gastric neuroses holds for the

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severer form. On admission there was great cyanosis of the lips, fingers, itc,

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on many circumstances. If the stomach is full when the poison is all J

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4. The force of the current may be regulated precisely.