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lies are accidental. Tuberculosis of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries occurs

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Laboratory at Madison, Wis. He kindly reported to me the results of* an

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an examination may be made without danger to the plaintiff^$

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prior to her present illness, but for two years hard lumps or

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over the Museum of the Lying-in Hospital), that it is a very frequent

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actions of the poison are set up, and the eruption runs the course

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anomalies of sensibility) are already present at the

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or both ears, more or less varying, from time to time, as to the amount

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and varies from a ])ale amber red to a bright amber red. The consistency

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their own names loathed. Mrs. Carlyle knew what a liar

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able to slip in the dressing and thus defeat our object

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considered as related to tuberculosis in so far as it leads to a

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C. W. Burr, B.S., M.D. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son

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3. Inhalation- anthrax is the rarest form. In it the spores

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vessel was designed on similar lines to her sister ship

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