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(G.) Infantile deformities, and maternal impressions and

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test was convincing: To the fatty acids entering into the antigen there were

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where the pupil is ; it is concave, with a small aperture ; round the pupil it is thin,

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rebellious cases, the different remedies are to be tried in succession. Me-

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plunged into cold water the appearance of the precipitate showering

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for a disturbed physiological state, but also, in instances, for structural

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the disease began to assume a more serious aspect ; the paroxysms be-

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merous and diversified; including indeed all agents which affect the

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has voted $40,000 to meet the expenses of the occasion.

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1893. MoRisoN, Alexander, M.D., 14, Upper Berkeley -street, W.

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was produced. In this experiment, therefore, a toxic effect was produced with

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tance of about thirty-three miles from London, two from Sand-

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consciousness of benefaction to the human race. Gentlemen,

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cuts short its progress ; the difference in result being

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Malaria parasites were found sixteen times in 742 indi-

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of that cavity. Even the blood-vessels of the teeth

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work upon the system in the bud, by a specific preventive.

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MI). 12,35 jYit resulting volume overload contributes to

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predisposed individuals the rheumatic laryngitis may be

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— (IlKW). AJfinitdtameMUTUjen an Schicachen iSaureri und Basen, 45. Bd. xiv aus der Saram

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lessons taught by the International Congress of 1891, 320; Boston

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culation are important predisposing causes in the produc-

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to 1881 for every 100,000 inhabitants was 2,673, against 2,046 in the

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hypnotized subject depends not upon what is said to him nor how it is

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associated with prolapse of other abdominal organs.