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occasion shock. Injury of the testicles seems esjje-

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other organs, such as the liver and spleen, which will then contain

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to oval form, and on one occasion 6 per cent, of myelocytes were

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Talipes equinus. — 3 : 3 F., 1 congenital, 2 acquired. Tcndo-acbilles divided iu

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Hoffmann, who affirms that after an abortion, or even a

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results of metastasis through the mesenteric lymph-

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legislative interposition for the modification of our charter, since

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Case II. — A Httle boy, between three and four years of age,

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of consciousness is slow, and unpleasant sequelae are said sometimes to

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or room where a disease supposed to be infectious prevailed, the

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most excellent disinfectant and local stimulant. In those cases

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vidual, is involuntarily corrected. How- ture shall strike corresponding portions in

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not be as familiar with recognizing the gonococci. For this reason

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Instruction, by examination or lectures, will be given in the intervals of the Public Lectures of the

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a fellow-citizen, and worthy co-labourer in the same cause, thus award to him

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of Philadelphia, have laid us under additional obligations by

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into a well marked fa;cal fistula. (I should say that

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" So the story closes June 5th. At the latest stage there was considera-

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justified, therefore, in looking upon filth and sewage as the

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reduction in the total number of deaths from diphtheria in a city or

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tion of epilepsy. St. Louis Clinique, 1895, viii, 233; 309;

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tilled Water^ and given once a day, is very beneficial, if tlie muscles have

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ductors." This sentence has been widely quoted, probably

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King, Ferdinand, 149 W. 66th St., New York, New York Co.

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judgment may be committed, without en- hand of the law, they may ])ursue their

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The Grippe or the Den^e. — At a discussion before the

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was much immediate pain in the knee and the joint became

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which the inhibitory influence is conveyed. Filehne and Brown-