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tise to the attention of our medical brethren, as pre.seiit-

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uresque, the beautiful and the other natural advan-

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rapid increase in the rate of flow at about the time that the tem-

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doctor's opinion, well enough, take five or ten minutes' walk

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dilated, but at times suddenly returns to the normal size, or may be con-

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of" this latter condition will be made very apparent hereafter.

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sections into which errors may have crept. Of the latter we must

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How can we reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and

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poison, and which, when absorbed into the circulation, would of

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Dr. Gutteridoe ; Mr. Lidiabd; Sir DoMisir Corbk;an; X. Y. Z. ; Mr,

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being often present in the disease. No. Ill seems to dif-

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and planus), where the eruptions in their typical form are purely papular,


end, and the tube is inverted in this trough. The glass rod is then pulled out,

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orly and moved slightly with each step. There was a

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patient : That is a beam of light rich in a complex of the

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lytes, SGOT, bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, uric acid, BUN, creatinine, glucose, cal-

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of a bleeding ulcer. The writer has had best success with

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straint of the process ; although typical vesicles formed, they were,

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rent iiHod miiMt be Htron^ enough fo cause decided muHciilar con-

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Geographers accept the rotundity of the earth as a fact and no longer have the

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affirm his decided conviction that fever will spread by contagion." And

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in the catalog. Were it not for the amount of space it

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pipes. No. 550047; Nov. 19, 1895.— Ketas (D.) T.av.itorv

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and are positive that the use or abuse of alcohol has

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requisite, and that with healthy fa?ces unmixed with urine,

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pital, has been elected Superintendent of the Dayton Asylum.

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sizes the importance of suitable patient selection with special

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one of our midland counties. In the evening, when he arrived

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tivity. 12 In comparison, 44% of close contacts of HIV-sero-

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limbs, persist for variable periods (hours, days, months, or even two or

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vessels due to hydremia, and to the spreading out of the capillary

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regions, mankind is free from the scourge of scarlatina. This cannot

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when accompanied with loose cough, or thick, yellow discharge from the

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one-third tare. Dr. Irving A. Watson is Secretary of the As-

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