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Sideeffectsof Aricept

navel, the fundus is fixed to a scar above the pubes, and the

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Cleveland, Ohio. Recurred in stump. Died six months after operation

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in such a way as to be representative of the profession of

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Dr. Oeorge A. Peters has been given command of the'' new

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and color tb a marked degree. By my advice she entered

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the X'ormal standard established. Every cause that raises

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serous cavities, diseases of the gall-bladder and the urin-

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Great Britain: England — Sheffield, April 13-20, 1 case. Scot

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individuals at that time are not susceptible to the disease.

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Illinois State Medical Society, Peoria, May 21-23, 1901.

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The officers elei'teil for the ensuing year are: Dr. W. J. G.

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the cases included in my own tables there were 2 of

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W. ZwEiQ. — Systematic rinsing out of the diverticulum is the

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more, strictly to the obstetrician. There are,, however,

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rience to see patients who have taken the baths in their

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In studying our cases, 9 of the 11 gave deflnite his-

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act respecting these diseases among animals, and will pro-

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changes resulted in the kidneys of the boy operated on by Dr.

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pain had almost entirely disappeared and the temperature

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glycosuria. (Pancreatic diabetes — Seegen's grave dial>etes).

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economic evaluation of donepezil in moderate to severe alzheimer disease

could be described as bundles of plain muscle fibers twined

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nitrate, have no influence. The organic nitrates which

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She is also a B. A. of the class of '98 of the same institution.

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and the next day the hematuria still showed absence of blood,

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Sun^SoenCTal of the An£y The Committee on National Leglsls-

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Three Extrai>eritoneal Tumors. C. Hblbino. — The first

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Russia: St. Petersburg. March 30-Aprll 6, 14 cases, 8 death! :

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per cent, to less than 5. In Chicago the mortality rate

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stance of this in a patient dying from typhoid fever. The

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once instituted. It is well as a routine practice to

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The halls for meeting places for the general sessions and

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only to be mixed when needed for use. After the tube has been

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not become members. The graduates of any incorporated hos-

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he was suffering from smallpox. This created a panic among

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improper cleansing of the nasopharynx and incomplete

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9. "By making membership In a local society a necessary quali-

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