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Articles On Tadapox

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Heath) seconded, the following resolution: "That the gentlemen who

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Hill, F.B.C.V.S. Cloth, size 5 1-4x7 1-2, 153 pages,

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When a large quantity of fluid has been present in the pleural cavity

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syphilis in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries belong

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appeared greasy, and a quantity of pus was seen running along the

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of the lock ward. The wretched provision for open-air exercise is the

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most bounds of nature on the other ; first to ascertain what and where the disease

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The parrot belonged to a tuberculous woman, who was in the habit of

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lady. "By steamer to Glasgow." "That was unnatural, madam;

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to send forth certain emanations from the eyes that

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latter may be blown on the part with an India-rubber bottle. But these, in con-

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bronchial tubes w-as much congested, but they contained no pus. The

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without opening the sac ; and, according to my own experience, the

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prominent, the flank fallen in, the hind quarters and thighs wasted.

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grasp strongly with his left hand, but not at all with his right, which

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axis as far as the recto-vaginal ad-de-sac. Slightly behind its centre,

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inflammation of muscle, evidenced by circumscribed or diffuse swellings.