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mus or alcoholism. These effects enter directly into the causation of

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all cases wht*re deep or buried sutures were indicated. He had

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general practitioner among their number, and that he would find no place

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was no pain anywhere except a slight rigidity of the

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matters of medicine. The system which we advocate, instead of

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Suroery.— A complete course of eighty lectures, including diseases of the Eye and Ear, by Dr.

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On the pathological side of the question, all the imbalance and aber-

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tion, and the eye inflammation without nose disease.

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first class belong cases of diphtheria of the newborn and of infants. In

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"Western Europe drew a large part of her supplies of knowl-

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rompact, spongy, and reticular. The first, which is the hardest, col-

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use of the ether, the patient became unruly and hard to manage. Once

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number, extent, and volume of the glands in lymphadenoma, by the

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our freedom, prosperity, and happiness, the door is wide open

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together with such matters as his experience has shown him would be desirable for the American

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130 pp., 19 1., 1 map, 1 plan. fol. Ferrara, tipog.

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more direct pathological necessity. But what it is we know

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Hospital to afford facilities for instruction to the

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that of autotoxemia, and the combination of these two affords us a

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slit through which the cord j^asses is considered as such,

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in introducing them is objectionable in private houses.

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any trouble. One man in my county gave as a reason for not reporting

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by dialysis and their reappearance on ^,.^-a- „ ,- ., . . , , „ ,

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to see a man who has passed through a series of malarial paroxysms,

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It was open to them to arrange maternity centres where

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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.

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black as if touched with some corrosive substance. The cardia