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enclosure where it cannot get away from you and pour cold water

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is given, and five years later, after doing special work, the degree of

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into consideration. Some years ago Hutinel observed

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pear as a small, irregular, whitish, granulated ele-

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aside as demonstrations of the " unmistakable stigmata

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Supper : Irish potatoes, cornbread sometimes, otherwise wheat bread, butter,

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tion by windows hung at the bottom and opening inward, so that the air

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The cases were not selected. They were all enlarged

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Formalin for Inoperable Cancer. — Seneca Powell recom-

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Hahnemann's theory of " substitution," as concisely stated in

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see it. It was lying on its back in a cradle, and had all the symptoms

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but every mouthful swallowed is that much to feed the fever; and but for

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To give Strength after Illness. — For many cases in which there is pallor, weakness,

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present who could testify that this was not the case. In spite of the

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Frantzius, Ueber die Verbreitung der Malariafieber in Costa-Rica. Virchow's Archiv

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number of standard fodders may be poisonous at certain stages

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able resource to maintain an unfailing supply of scientific

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the short-sighted policy adopted. At that time many of the older

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illness such as pneumonia or a continued fever, while in

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imagine anything more frightfully distressing or dangerous to

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In explanation of the peculiar effects following the convul-

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: structed an apparatus for the purpose. The danger

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human body ? There can be no doubt that we every day swallow,

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