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not thrown among material already in a proper condition
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awake himself thoroughly. If this be not done, the paroxysm is
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shall be registered in such manner as the said Commissioners may
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tonics were advised for the ana?mia when present, and
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Lumbar and Psoas Abscess. — These are abscesses arising from
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vesicular sound is in part owing to the vibration of the air,
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tion through the diaphragm or to rupture of the liver abscess into the
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internally, 3j thrice daily ; for local application, £j to gj, dissolved
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within the bounds of accuracy when we state that not less
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dilated, fatty heart, globular in shape, and weighing eighteen ounces.
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reached a high degree in the beginning, and delirium soon
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lack of all hygienic precautions, resulting in that condition
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As advanced a stage of the disease as this may be reached, and even
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and to pass an examination before he is permitted to practise."
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symptom complex with the onset of some of the acute infectious
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Prognosis. — We have already called attention to the exceedingly
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conHideration along with ordinary fibromata, or connective-
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per cent, if the bladder is also involved; but these figures, especially
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together the prognosis is most favorable to a complete recov-
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of the poultices was directed, with a turpentine enema ; and a table-
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entirely different, and force themselves either upon the disease, or upon
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The President then called for nominations for the office of Treasurer.
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. The following cases are given in a condensed form as illustra-