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latter — to indicate some of the more salient lineaments, so to speak, in
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soon ceased, and the tumour could be turned round and round — in
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several have lately been published. One of the first, I believe, was
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cases. Thoracotomy and even thoracoplasty may have to be resorted
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such action going on in the intestine as made it a question whether the
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several months had been kept by the wave-line system.
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in paroxysms, and finally complete prevention of the entrance of air, and death.
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Miss Ann Peeston, M, D., of Philadelphia, died in that
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tion should be under the direction of a physician. The bottle
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Deafness is sometimes the consequence of a morbidly dry
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duced by the climate. In a considerable proportion of the
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yet Hippocrates himself taught the reverse, which is the
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does environment act as a stimulus in goading plants and animals
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great comfort to the patients, who were entirely relieved
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of the operation was that the previous limp and powerless
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of the aorta. The value of the various signs of an aortic aneurysm,
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in the process of digestion than do carbohydrates or proteids, and the re-
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Examination showed evidence of slight catarrhal otitis me-
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time. As soon as the measure is accurately obtained, the
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the "Progres medical" this year, there can be no doubt that
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Piazza-lTIarlini (V.) Su <!' una uuova forma larvata
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To it is added a small amount of trikresol to keep it
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eases, the thermometer, whether alone, or concurrently
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filaria, had observed diuretic effects from bichloride of
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contribution to science.. It ought therefore to be preserved!
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resolutions woro l)roiij:;Iit lorwanl, ami discussed, relative to an indi-