Beauty boost for Thailand


Beauty boost for Thailand

Thailand is hopeful that hosting the Miss Tourism World beauty pageant will deliver a boost to its tourism industry.

Final Call is a little baffled - isn’t a beauty pageant about, well, beauty? Or more accurately, about cringeworthy bikini parades and painful interviews where we learn about each contestant’s detailed strategies to bring peace to the world?

Fortunately Thailand Tourism Authority governor Suraphon Svetasreni was on hand to clear things up. Not only will the finalists look “beautiful and gracious” in traditional Thai outfits, but they will visit the Chitralada Royal Villa and various “Royal Projects”.

“This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate confidence and safety in travelling in Thailand, especially in the southern areas,” he said.

And there we were thinking it was an excuse to get a load of women to strip down to their bathing suits.