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Unconventional Conventions in China


Unconventional Conventions in China

Margot Cunich’s guide had not prepared her for the sound of Chinese pop music blaring out the front of the Temple of Heaven. Built in the 1400s as a place to pray for good harvest, this unique and stunning building and the surrounding park are perfect places for indulging in a multitude of activities. Practice the graceful art of Tai Chi, deliberate over a game of chess or twirl ribbons around in a demonstration of the Olympic sport.

If you have a vested interest in medicine, a trip to the state hospital in Beijing is definitely an eye-opener. The diagnosis are Western style, however the treatments are all Eastern derived. The extensive pharmacy is all about efficiency, filling and doling out prescriptions at lightning speed.

Unconventional Conventions, a faculty of Australian and international speakers with expertise in health-related areas, will be holding a conference in China in April/May 2014 where one can marvel in the stunning country while being educated in current issues relevant to Australian doctors, dentists and practice managers. Come along and have a look yourself.