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a tablespoonful each of ground mustard and table salt, stir and drink it at

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tually the average of this Club is fully up to the general

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TREATMENT. The indications for treatment may be embraced in a few

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school building, 50x144 feet, will be five stories high.

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be brought in boats, it was both a tedious and expensive

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and the bony spine and reducing the hypertrophy of the in-

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On and after the 1st of October, the dissecting-rooms will be open, under the direc-

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of twelve Trustees, who are to be chosen annually by the stockholders

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to tliis circumstance that thej'- are more efficient and re-

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to the belief that the patient is being well nourished, when in

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virtually ceased to act. In the case of the Chamberland filter the

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attorney acting for Miss Russell in the action brought by that person

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Society will accept responsibility for statements made or opinions expressed

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attempt to emphasize the so-called uric acid to urea ratio is mis-

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be determined by adequate tests, and it is to secure

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The female worm lives in the cecum, but after impregnation

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but it at once fell as low as 97-5° F. Tins was indeed a case of sudden hypothermia,

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one and the same phenomenon, namely, the phenomenon of hydroxyl

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must always remain a theory. Semon supposed the adductor

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Grave Bobbery by Students. — Five students of the

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and in nineteen weeks was able to walk on crutches, and

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patient is placed in a condition which allows him to lounge, and loll and

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do not see a case of it during their college course.

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skull, the convolutions, especially in the frontal lobes, run in a

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think are clusters of minute stars' — so distant that the present powers

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especially in relation to conditions of so-called shock, including in this

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are pronounced. Intellection is affected. At first a

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problems to be solved, we must confine our attention to the pres-

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performed by the blood serum and body fluids in gen-

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District of Columbia during 1893 and 189-1 was prompted by the then

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Phenomena analogous to these are also observed in many animals.

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and quartan forms it is often impossible to distinguish the remains of the

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complaints had been of a very anomalous nature ; but he was

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Such a case occurred to me, during the course of last summer, in St. Bar-