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"'Read before the Central Kentucky Medical Association,
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left of the pomum Adami. There was but little bleeding
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saw, and had extended to Syria and Egypt ; in April to many parts of
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deceased dead, and his body as above described. As the prisoner had been
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the second class are to be placed individuals who have been
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given in much bulk, and quantity is a disadvantage — its effect is
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///. Action of Different Alkalies on the Conductivity and Osmotic
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this country ; it grows daily scarcer in Europe, and seems to
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first step should be taken by the clinical observer, who should
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friends and the future generations. Shakespeare left literature to immortalize his name; Washington left char-
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Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, and Avas long remembered in
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acute diseases has come also systematic study of the use of
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ticated case of cholera ever been reported as due to
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in contact, and ultimately in union, with the body of the
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and of his opportunities, and his wisdom was of that
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the same as in all paralytic affections, whenever the measures are not contra-
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* The troops in some of the islands during the American
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a tablespoonful each of ground mustard and table salt, stir and drink it at
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was cut through at any spot between the seventh or eighth dorsal and the third lumbar
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stockmen consider that these *^ worms/' as they call them, are con-
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thermometer would subserve the interests of our pa-
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First District — Dodge, Washington, Jefferson and Waukesha.
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dom, we should appoint another committee for the purpose
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position by bandages. They should be rounded at their edges,
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tions termed lithemia. A maximum amount of egg-albumin, milk and cheese,
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goats, and the last produced by closing the rima of the glottis,
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is required no further than to afford opportunity, by means of a suitable instrument, to adjust the de-
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exist at the origin of the nerves of voluntary motion, in all
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gether, while Aitken adopts the ground that predisposing causes are derived
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in -which the reflex vomiting has been complicated with and
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Descent of the Testes. — In the seventh month of gestation, the tes-