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Young parasites, as we have said, sometimes seem to be embedded

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Cabell is chairman. A report is being prepared by Prof. James Law, of Cor-

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condemned to the knife, bnt do believe that all cases of intussusception

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mendation than that given by enthusiasts on commercial basis.

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tracts. From the parts most changed the nerve fibres have entirely dis

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tioned in March, Dr. Stratteā€™s practice was temporarily

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of a cough ; no expectoration. Have to sit all the time, and

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denser, though one is supplied, I believe, at a small additional cost.

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appearance, much better ; his appetite was improved ; he ex-

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it. Tliere occurred, also, various reflex disturl)ances

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tion attempted during acute febrile periods. Southey's tubes,

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ated training program participants. Candidate eligible for faculty

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great prostration. He recovered sufficiently to go to

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bined with antisyphilitic treatment, will help clear

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nack's immersion-lenses. Strieker now succeeded in directly

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lens ; and here the lens has evidently been diminished in size from ab-

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tempts each year. There are statistics and studies to

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ally a piece or two of mucus floating upon it ; and it is also some-

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ism, 25 ampules of graduated doses sent. Precipitin

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He was then well, except for occasional slight pain

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the cheeks. The body shows no eruptions and the whole condi-

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speed, or little time consumed in this operation. These cases are

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be made freely accessible to local inquiry. The death-rate of a

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as has been said, were made more so by the abduction of the arm, became

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could be obtained, must be ascribed to the opinion, still prev*

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Couper, 152), Lord Ardmillan said : " If there was a recurrence of

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the incisions in an apparently healthy part, beyond tbe limits of the tu-

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weighing anticipatedfienhfits against possible hazards, including