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first explanation appears to us to be substantially correct, for the follow-

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thai, Howard and Ingersoll and Moskowsky. An interesting case has

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consistence and of darker complexion than in health. The itching is more

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A decussated form has been described, in which the arm on one side and

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her knees, which is not done." Then the litigants were to be examined

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injecting intravenously beta-amidobutyric acid in aqueous solution.

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Eive P.M. No sickness since she partook of some brandy.

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factor to introducing new enzyme analyses on ultramicro quantities of sample.

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ously curable, we cannot cure it ; but the effect of isola-

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from the onset to a certain point and then a gradual decline. In this

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of two or three days a crop of innumerable small pustules had

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it the name rhino-pharyngitis mutilans and described it as a disease sui generis.

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"The result in eighteen cases (impotency, etc.) v/as very satisfactory," etc., etc.; also that "the

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regular school, have robbed homoeopathy of its greatest

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Lactation is established rather later in primiparse than in multipara. Its onset

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however, much has been done by several American observ-

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increased metabolism induced by the thyroid secretion, setting more sulphur

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extension of the cartilage of the external ear, at-

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months about sixty-five pounds, which he has not lost

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being oxidized first makes the ordinary oxygen into ozone, and that

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the error is about 4 per cent. Thus, according to Church, one inch of

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tisme ut6rin. Arch, de tocol. et de gyn6c.. Par., 1892, xix,

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