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rough estimate may be formed of it from the diminution

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A still larger number is advisable both in primary vaccinations, in per-

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a different way. What has Dr. Marcet done ■ What has Dr.

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erysipelas, 2 of chicken-pox, 4 of enteric fever, and 2 of cerebro-

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was held in St. George's Hall, Elm street, October 9th, 1895.

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The idea was that the high virulence of 1870, not only in this country, but

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plications of the disease the following may be enumerated : — dropsical

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attendant fever assumed a type so severe, that amputation was

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Dr. Fenner of Louisiana, stated that owing to his not receiving information of bis

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that he himself was not less unfortunate, and in numerous ab-

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of fibrinogen is deferred until the corpuscles first formed

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laid open for the labor and enterpri;se of civilized man, and

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lees. He was not seen for another hour, when he was found on the floor,

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hates the idea of -vvine or brandy. There is no statement which

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one intermission lasting two hours ; but for most of the

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and parietal pleural through the sub-pleural, bronchial or

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beyond, and not over the affected gland, so as to allow of ita being absorbed

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have merely said that molecules of oil, as such, cannot

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Specific protein treatment is the method of choice when the

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other times j fliowing us, I would venture to allege, that the

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that this procedure had been in common use for many years

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diabetic thirst and dropsical languor. But his refer-

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the state is not practicable. What follows will be confined to

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When placed prone on the floor he gets up with difficulty, climbing up his

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inwards assumes naturally an increased curvature. Thus it hap-

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iches of the concave surface of the watch-glass. The solution of Nitrate of

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notation. It affords, also, the means for a closer determina-

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error is in all instances complete and maximal in degree.

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bution to the Soci6t6 de Biologie which will be read

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presents rrceived since the last meeting were laid on the table,

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tect arsenic, which is not in use, at least I have not seen it stat-