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Neuro Plasticity Trazodone

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ment of the muscular tissue. Allen Smith, on the strength of finding
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Pelvic and Abdominal Drainage. By David Prince, M. D., of Jack-
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1901 e.— Idem. [Reviewed] <Micr. Bull., Phila., v. 18 (2), Apr., pp. 18-14.
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me that the chlorate of potash is superior to all other medicines.
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Pancreatic Cyst. — A. E. Halstead' reports this case which
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sympathies are with him in his struggle against the "arbitraiy
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could otherwise see tolerably well. The other eye was ope-
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vous system. The variable one might consist in disease
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v.ise during convalescence. The ipoiation of these organisms
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I do want to say one word in defense of the valuable anesthetic
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amined particularly the state of her lungs and liver, and finding them, as he
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dislike to a stranger. ' It is not causeless, and you should find the cause;
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diseases. From this it appears that the germs of disease are
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place has, indeed, been assigned to it, that its true anatomy and
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be ; but, when the additional stimulus of an increased