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in dermatomyositis. The only instance in which these parasites were
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attempted to produce such rapid plates, but all I succeeded in
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Stiles upon the management of the State Homoeopathic Medical
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could not be seen on the FNAB smear, a culture of a portion
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lifetime against subsequent exposures, and in other diseases against a speedy return,
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hold, made up in some degree in zeal and devotion to their master.
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eruption of small pimples, which rise gradually, with but little
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from mental deficiency or confusion, go to work so stupidly, that the
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of urging the necessity for the establishment of a Convalescent
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various shades of green and blue, precisely similar to those which are seen
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The exciting causes of hysteria may be grouped as follows:
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phthisis. Some intercurrent matters and side issues may now
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pneumonia. This disease was regarded in England among imported
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ment of wound infection, such as preoperative radiotherapy
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the good of mankind. But that distemper is too bene-
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cysts, 2 cases ; (e) cysts in infantile scurvy, 1 case.
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when there was hiccough and sickness ; prussic acid and salines
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small gelatine capsules, each containing on an average
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or incorporated in bougies in a base of either cocoa butter
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the country to act upon this question in an organized
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anticipate this condition of affairs? " As an answer I give
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Hospital; Rapid City, SD. Currently residing in Flagstaff,
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all are given; but Dr. Cowling's preferred as the easiest. The
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no albumen, but hyaline and epithelial casts. Contrast-
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our opposition to them should be conducted not only with great
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triimte to the prevalence of tlie difeafe, as I am informed it: is
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of the ear are termed sclerosis of the middle ear. The