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A convenient method for using chlorinated lime to disinfect drink-

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the death-rate would be reduced more than one-half. Pneumonia is the

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Computerized Electronystagmography and Posturography

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uterus, as the teeth commonly are. The intolerably fetid fmell,

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resembling this in the appearance of petechiae, the

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no obstruction encountered is evidence that no adhesions

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about twenty minutes after the accident. The patient made a shocking

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addicts to alcohol or tobacco should work at any poison-

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Achromatic instruments were not purchasable until 1780,

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by pulmonary tuberculosis, should be actionable in court to

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in detail the relation of the spleen to the anemias and the indications

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dent, Dr. John T. McAnally, Carbondale ; first vice-president, Dr. A.

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She remarked that her ears felt very well uutil the

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LAVERAN & MESNIL'S Trypanosomes and the Trypano-

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previous sterilization of the vagina, the patient being then

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of any disease that it was chronic at its commencement ; and yet this is

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panies fuch refearches, and the inattention of many phyficians to them,

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ternal and external lateral sesamoidean ligaments, and to each

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had fallen under his notice in private practice. In three of these latter, death

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survived him. There were besides, at the time of his

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in inspiration, and dilatation, if it occur, is in expiration. Loss of power

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Melancholy ' ' which appeared in the /'<?j/- Graduate.

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Ueber pbysiologiscbes und bvsteriscbes Doppelsehen.

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with known clinically impaired immunological function.

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to the credit of the local committee of arrangements.

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water f. 3iv, f. ex. blood root 3i ; mix. Dissolve the nitrate of

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and the diphtheritic form involving destruction of the deeper tissues is

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after collection. Usually virus maintains its efficiency for al

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complete extirpation. The operation was performed in February.

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ous and osteotomy must be resorted to, the division of the bone must

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Guinea-pigs ranging in weight from 300-400 gm. were inoculated subcu-

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to be very great. In all the French faculties the num-