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tivity. 12 In comparison, 44% of close contacts of HIV-sero-
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diseases on living organisms, apart even from the remarkable series
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perspiration ; severe, sharp pain, &c. In the course of a i'iivf days,
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face — interintestine and bladder — might follow. Neg-
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up of the canaliculus when the first symptoms of ob-
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yet little has been done toward solving the problems
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rapid increases of the intracranial pressure, then Case 2 is remark-
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Acute Intestinal Obstruction. — Of these five cases,
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solution and the fluids of the stomach are normal, there will be
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practice to accept the chair of Obstetrics and Medicine in the Medical De-
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of radical reform as tend to benefit society, and elevate
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exaggeration in the rate of secretion; and secondly, a reflex
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Aphasia, according to Bernhardt, was observed in al-
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Orandclenient. Paralysie essentielle et temporaire de
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tion of the child and the complications. The best remedies are, bleeding,
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tions incident to the practice of military surgery. With apparatus so
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inhibition; concentrations of 0.25 per cent, cause little, if any, inhibi-
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colleges, attending lectures in German Universities, were disap-
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points of difference in these lesions in the newly born and adults.
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pointed out by the physician in his calendar of persecution
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this city. The total for the year and in the whole country
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applied of the strength of five drachms to the ounce of water,
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The statement is one of great interest, and calculated to arrest
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A quiet, ethical hospital with therapeutic facilities
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occurred in a seamstress from the constant biting off of the ends.
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things to learn to do better than they are now done.
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while between the age of twenty and thirty^ 1,957, or 11.39 per cent, deaths
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cases, such as his own, in which the microscopical examination of the
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' injury to the drum membrane should the patient move his
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not be so successful as it is. Twelve volumes of the
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absolutely characteristic symptoms are progressive paralysis and progres-
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loid cell with both basophile and eosinophile granules; 19, 20, 21, Turk's irritation forms (so-called
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soon after the bath before resting. It is a ver}- common