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over-exertion. The stimulation may give rise to a false idea of
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s-bvof ?•; rn.-^ Ti Ttf . iv.xUOi' tr.n i; gr^-fV-rs
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whether or not nucleated red blood-corpuscles (erythro-
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functional affections of the nervous system or the neuroses. The enlarge-
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It is evident from this that in the case of copper the formation of peroxide
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imreliable. The corelation of these several reactions, however, together
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tion. Stasis of the blood from any cause (ligature, pressure, em-
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considered as the result of degenerative processes.
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major symptoms may appear early, without any prodromata. On the
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Lymphatics of the Frog (.1. Anlmiinw, " Aifliiv liir I'livniol.," p.
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Kneedler, assistant surgeon ; First Lieutenant Douglas L.
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ing of this umbilical route for transfusion. This is the first instance
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Tlie {)aiu occasioned by the passage of a gall-stone is frequently abruptly
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attention of the Society to the fact that the skull is liable to
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milk inspection, and if we can adopt some system of uniform grading
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ment, as herein recommended, the pain is slight, lasting only
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hence used as a mordant in dyeing ; acts feebly as a base.
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neous affections other than those belonging to the analogous lesions
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gation and imprisonment of lepers is then ordered, but it seems almost impossible
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means neglect the usual appliances at hand ; but are at liberty, es-
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perhaps taken up by, and remained for a time attached to, some article of
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FEMALE, get. 22, always well till March 21, 1898 (die nona
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away without trouble. That was an interesting case. The woman
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surface, and it may either be coated or red and glazed. The gums sometimes
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was cut through the lowland, to lower [not cover] the water-table ..." On