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was made flowly, and from nccelhty to get a finger introduced

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the sun with that wave-length electricity named light.

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by electric shock. This retardation has also been shown by me to culminate

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ture, the patient after recovery should himself con-

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raison d'etre than the benefit to accrue to the public from

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noses, the diarrheal diseases, malaria, tuberculosis, and

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ibid., 1890, ii, 1. Sheriff, Geschichte der Dengue in Madras, 1872; Med. Times

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lens, and the field of vision was very contracted, vdth hardly more

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in double hydronephrosis, on account of the risk of uraemia ; it is not so

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The non-recognition of the meaning of petit raal seizures is a very

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rhagades or fissures at the natural folds of the skin. It has been much

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reached partly as the result of a statistical study of the cases and

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Gibraltar, however, the negro mortality (62) greatly exceeds that of

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antiseptic washes, such as the liquor antisepticus or hydrogen peroxide.

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sometimes complicated with convulsions. The cold stage is not very

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profession cut down in the midst of his work. The medical

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service and the courts had frowned upon corporations

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" 3. Cretinism occurs only in the young. It is the more acute the

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met by suprapubic surgery and not the vaginal route. If an abscess

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(and from sight), it answers a perfectly satisfactory purpose to dispense

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in the Landesausstellungs Park; the sections of the

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science of a former age ; but one might well wonder how the teachings of a

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But if we believe that one species was evolved from another, from a

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the painter. I did not know that any of the paint that

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in scabies it is not painful, but affords more pleasure to

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to measures capable of soothing the irritation and calming the

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sired that other lecturers should follow the same example.

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According to Da Costa, tube-casts are more often present than absent in

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paralysis, as well as hystero-epileptic attacks, may occur with the

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gent buyo leaf. The effect of this fiery bolus, which turns