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The deaths (excluding those of persons admitted into public

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of the ah being comparatively low (49°), and the surface of the body cool J

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By J. Mortimer-Granville, M. D. , F. R.C.S. : Lond., etc. 1 vol., crown

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bringing the uterus down. The vaginal roof close to

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eagerly read. Mr. Durham at Guy's, and Dr. Letheby at the

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free supply of oxygen by fresh air are of the first im-

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n-'ss in the left ankle, which slowly l)ut progressively

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Whether the cholera infantum is idiopathic, or symptomatic, it is

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glass cornea has parallel surfaces, both of which are ground and

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might readily have been overlooked, and the case regarded as a primary pyo-

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a patient has been exhausted by protracted or severe suffering, a dose,

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study of the albuminuria on this occasion showed us something new.

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gically clean should be inserted in the nose during an op-

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closing volume may increase and cause atelectasis (Fig

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first sound must be ventricular-systolic,"^ or that a similar

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practitioners as to its utility. I have no doubt that a large bleeding in

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pressions, fatigue on the least bodily or mental exertion,

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Confectionaries. A glance at the confectionary will

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top of the right lung, and it is possible that in healing

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• Emphasis on prevention, early intervention, patient

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order to increase the tone of the cerebral vessels, and to render

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joints, are sometimes mistaken for cases of rheumatism. Attention to

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Mangan ((Jude's) in tablespoonful doses in milk, and the use of

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The continuous current electric arc is produced between

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however experienced, would venture to open the head of a living


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To some of the latter conditions unfortunately the desig-