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and August and again a little during the winter. The summers are
lege. London : Churchill & Sons : 1869. Pp. 596. 2d Edition.
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[This dietary is rather rich in meat protein. While storing up energy
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many heroes who fall, like Mr Thompson, unnoticed and unknown
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leads to fatigue of the heart muscle, a true "delirium cordis," and a
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these flagellates I assign the name Herpetomonas pattoni, in recog-
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Experiment p. — Fresh moist organisms were ground in a mortar with sterile sand in
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good, but since the amboceptor content for sheep erythrocytes is
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ous poison, which it takes years to eradicate — in some cases even
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with the "Spaniard" bacillus and were therefore immune.
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coagulated blood, and aeration becomes re-established in the affected
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rhages were general in all and varied from petechiae no more than
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malleolus on the outer edge or the dorsum of the foot. An incision is
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The emulsions, of which hyco and sulphonaphthol are examples,
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some time. The punctured leg and the neighbouring parts were
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occasionally occur in any of the other hernial regions.
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to England, and entered the Netley Hospital in December 1868.
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very gradually. There is danger of aggravating the process and in-
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to which was attached a V-shaped portion of the whole thickness
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healthy during the period of the tests but the other herds all included individuals which
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experience, that, for the detection of meningococcus carriers, the
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this world. Quite recently, however, about the time of Tropp-
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who took the solution of chloral immediately after a dose of cod-liver
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thigh either did not ameliorate the pain, or did so only when both
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the food more quickly into the intestine, an advantage that may, how-
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opinion that the subject should be furtlier examined.
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cerebro-spinal meningitis, we think that in all outbreaks such as
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Inhalation of Oxygen. — The author also believes in inhalations of
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cessful. We deem it necessary, however, to call your attention to the fact,