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Diagnosis. — Kingwormof the body is most likely to be confounded

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water representing the entire fl.ow of the Allegany River passes through

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In a few places were large tul>ules lined with cylin-

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Closing date for new copy is the first of the month for inclusion in the current issue.

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Lester Reynold Dragstedt, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Surgery.

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of breaking down or of reestablishing old lines. The

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characteristic complication of the true granular kidney, it may occur in

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may be well to consider for a moment what these adhesions

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the annual address. Of course, these papers vary greatly in degree of merit, and

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tell them that they wanted them to do a certain thing, they

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will do any harm ; on the contrary, the more nutritious the food which can

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well. Several others did not quite obliterate, how-

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The majority of the cases of which the statistics are given, received

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struction of the anterior lobes of the brain without

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Philadelphia and the classes of the Jefferson Medical College,

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has never observed uric acid on one side and not on the other, or any

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whooping-cough are to a certain extent confirmatory evidence of the

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structural diseases of this organ, than any other single esta-

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Eklix PiNKiis, of Berlin. CHLOROSIS. By Dr. K. von Noorden, of Frank-

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Doppman, J.L., Di Chiro, G. , and Oinnaya, A.K. : Selective Arteriography

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has lasted for a week or ten days In >«»«»«»« «»<» Children with Status Lym-

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Gastou^ believes that there is a herpetic fever or pseudo-varicella

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of the profession, in a high sense of professional responsibility.

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is greater than that of water, and it has sufficient consistence to preserve the

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and found the hernia had become strangulated, making a tumor nearly as