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It will thus be seen that a relapse may be due entirely to pre-

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acid, and the presence of the icicular crystals W9,s determined.

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but one bone, in the leg — the tibia. There were only four

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force, wliilst the muscles of the arms and chest were

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moeopathic Hospital in that city, are the reverse of flattering. It appears

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all fours, and let us eat grass with the brutes ? Or wast thou only thus af-

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toms. Suckling reported neuritis in brass workers, and he, Hogben, and

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found along with renal disease points to its being a blood-poison of

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the solution of the perchloride of iron to be the best of the ferruginous

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heat, and soreness in the vagina, tenderness, irritation of the

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mesenteric aud retroperitoneal nodes. Here it seems reasonable to suppose that the

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comfort. It is never effectually retained by truss or bandage. It assists in

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the door. If the substance is contained in glass or metallic siphons

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Dr. J. Rudis-Jicinsky of Cedar Rapids. la., presented

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the tyranny and terror of the poisoner and the wizard.

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issue related to the <lisinfectants in use, the articles to be

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The statistics from 1898 to 1902 should be excluded as they

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able to turn in bed, as the slightest exertion caused extreme

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be placed in the mid-die of the jar, in about two inches deep of

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ever published, and the general opinion seemed to be

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DuodSnum, — La membrane muqueuse est gris&tre, normale, pas

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response certainly may be excited by rubbing and scratching, as in the

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became apparent to the more sagacious of the English statesmen

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through which, so many have been rendered miserable crip-

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Novak ER. Woodruff JD: Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology. 8th edition.

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extended ; and many of the traditional doubts that have

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use of the wet sheet after the hydropathic method. The first of these,

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but no power to cleanse it ; deglutition difficult : whole appearance

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