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secure them ; and, when possible, to admit the patients
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ferred through kissing, pencils, pipes, toys, cups, and other objects all
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only 2 in Dulvvich ; and that the death-rate i)er cent, was in
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would have a name and a fame, if they will have it quickly
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caused by the passage of a calculus along the ureter, or renal colic. The
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were then added KOH in slight excess and sufficient alcohol to make about
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of the action of venous obstruction upon the phlegmasia dolens is an intensifi-
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Sero- fibrinous Pleurisy. — In all instances turpentine has been in-
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poison. This IS TirtuaUy to admit that metallic orTrritant <
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walls of blood-vessels. The latter are rather instances of the calcification
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their preparations to Metschnikoff, who agrees with
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Hospitals have been very profitable, so far, this term.
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hypertrophy, and the results of measuring the two sides
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to employ great caution in their use. The small conical tip of the
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As to the nature of the disease several theories were
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referring, the diagnosis of these tumors was far less secure than it
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TOCH remarked that he was obliged to entirely disagree
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Hosps, with 1st ind, CofEngrs to TAG, 27 Jan 42, and
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Despite the advances in treatment during recent years, he would probably
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next ensuing stated meeting as hereinafter more particularly provided ;
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patients have maintained a constrained position upon one side, the hy-
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Islands, New Granada, Venezuela, and Ecuador ; in Bmzil it
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through New Jersey, and was at the -battle of Princeton. In
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the annual address. Of course, these papers vary greatly in degree of merit, and
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prevailed, it has been mo<t mortal in the warm months
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rim of bone is felt around the base of the tumor — two
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Prescribe Journal-advertised products and you prescribe the best.
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patient's health was very bad, it might be performed, but not, he thought, until
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cases were treated by operation, one without ; all three died.
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Write for Literature. G. H. SHERMAN, M. D., DETROIT, MICH.
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hydrochlorate. 1 Although this substance is not held in true solution,