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more possible proportions, but the veins made the larger."

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his own manometer. As a matter of fact, the results given by the old pelotte were

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cardial blood-current occasioned by the jogging cardiac action. The murmur

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their work. The journal is edited by M. Dariex, who is

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very often inherited tendency in the patient, for they recor

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upon the end of a cotton-holder or probe in the form

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piling up of the epithelial elements; the absence of colloid.

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the chief factors are filthy habits, poverty, and predisposing diseases.

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region toward which the deformity tends. Thus, in talipes varus,

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organisms in the blood iand other liquids of the body ; the successftil em-

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tion, which makes its appearance about the ninth or tenth day of

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so frequently, nodular infiltration of the skin may

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under the influence of an habitual intemperance ; and you will often, in

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of Great Britain) in the ordinary subjects of general education, namely, En-

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the perception, by the central cerebral organ, of the famelic sti-

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the injection has not been used in a sufhcient number of cases

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arrested ; the tissue appears compact, grayish, with here and there

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Hydrochlorothiazide: Periodic determination of serum electrolytes to detect

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The New York Journal of Medicine. Edited by S. S. Purple, M. D., Ste-

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himself off the new pier at Brighton. Of this last fact,

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arrival stood at 46,000. By the end of April it had fallen to 31,000,

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ha,d no indisposition since he quitted the Hospital. At this visit he

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This disease occurs chiefly in cold damp marshy localities where

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patient's case, but of that general condition of his system which led

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ulcer was not making progress, and that the skin was becoming

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as a proof for the idea that the vagus is a motor nerve for the stomach.

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Corrassa Compound, taking its name from the first at ]

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Non-operative Treatment of. — In cases which are too advanced

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greatly bloated, the scalp nearly hairless; the cheeks

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paresis of the trunk muscles, occipital headache, severe vertigo, and

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may be located at the apex of the lung. The differentiation is to be based

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