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Can I Plant Amaryllis Bulbs Outside

thirty miles distant from and 139 feet above the sea. The rule

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2 Drei Fiille von Exarticulation des Oberschenkels im HUftge-

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Classical Training for Kedicine. — The German Medioin-

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Bartow. — In Astoria, N. Y., on Saturday, October 26th,

can i plant amaryllis bulbs outside

by an assistant downward and a little to the right,

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demonstration purposes was tested without an anesthetic. The trocar was inserted

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was convincing to me that the man had the heart dis-

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there die annually, of phthisis alone, 323 in London; 382 in Paris;

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better confess the truth. He accordingly told the king that, while

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enemy. When, at the close of the Spanish-American War, the

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tained — one in Natural History, the other in Medical Literature.

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as were long ago recommended for other purposes by Dr. Ben-

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thalmic. 11 a.m.; South London Ophthalmic, 3 p.m.; Royal West-

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brane of the hen's egg might answer the purpose. Accordingly the

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until after the marriage of her daughter. She was confined to

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well-earned ration, and, after a period of recreation, if

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a variety of other medicines, are appHed externally, to produce internal

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of the diseases of the sexual apparatus not generally sus-

can you plant amaryllis bulbs outside

atmoHpherc is loaded with micro-orgaeiisms, a very small

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A Hew Idea for Kedical Societies. — A curious inno-

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of the pulmonary artery, a condition similar to the cob.

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iime the true spirit of Christianity asserted itself, and

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of expectorants. He recommends the use of alcohol in some cases,

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when the stomach-contents contained no free hydrochloric acid or pepsin, the reac-

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when the bleeding occurred at a comparatively early period. Later

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but that the outlook is not absolutely unfavorable even

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of the military hospitals on the outbreak of war as perfectly mar-

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Albert Einstein in 1931 spoke of the need for having a