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the connective-tissue are surround: I by, or infiltrated with blood. Rigor
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that in most of our subsequent experiments we did not include dilu-
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the public mind, and 'directed anew the attention of the profession to
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how we should stare and wonder and be confounded, were any old
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stupor. The summer complaint may be confounded with the ty-
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which will be most marked in their cortical substance.
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Fig. 62. A pigmented parasite partly pulled off the infected corpuscle by
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ing closed it fills with mucus and pus wliich produce ulceration and nO'
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upon to visit two children in Laurel court, the sons of Charles Ronev ;
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days of repair the area of the cicatrix enlarged. In both wounds
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to it being prevented. Sometimes it retains its usually rounded
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bleed. I drew out a long veno-morphous clot, and the blood trickled
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afternoon, from the south of west ; through the whole day the sky
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contained in 1 cc. 200 and 1,000 hemolytic units against sheep red
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23, and 20. On Guinea Pig 6 three-quarters of the cicatrization was
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alcohol and water to make t% fluid ounces. The color
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Many cases are ushered in by the symptoms of cerebral tliromhosis or
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and consequently incur fermentation, thus leading to stimulation
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The table shows only a slight increase in the number of organisms
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liever in the intracellular theory must acknowledge that they are
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abdonien soft, hands and arms livid, without preternatural heat of
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the day the retroversion occurred, I prescribed castor oil and laxa-
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was allowed a liberal use of cold water to allay her tnirst ; and for
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of cerebral tumors. Such conditions may cause amaurosis and amblyoina.'
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and snow, measuring, according to the rain guage, 2.500 inches.
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mus, without any perceptible improvement in the character of the
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courses of intravenous injections of horse serum after a preparatory
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The serum previously heated to 56°C, then treated with agar,
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typical cases is at the periphery, either in the muscles themselves, or in their
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symptoms as in those occurring in immigrants. He offered no