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brought into Us normal anterior (losition, while the upjier

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to the influence of the Euiopean, but also to the fact that

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few months however, the coinplaint gradually returned with

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degrees above that of the air. Dr. J. Davyt took the temper-

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artery, which was tied as before. As the disease did not appear to involve

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HiRVEiAX Society, 8 p.m. Clinical Mteting. Dr. W>-nn Williams,

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follow vaccination, the reply is simple, that the greatest

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Dr. Wilson referred to a point in his remarks, the effect on the voice,

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tion affecting the pulse may be recognised, and due allowance

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lis well. The clinical features, such as cough and purulent

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unequally distributed over each side of the body, but presented a more

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phy, without nuclei or distinct j^ranular contents. The central canal

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the minutest details. If, therefore, anything were wanting, the

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namely, for the stage of collapse, stimulants, as spirits of nitre

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present time, if used according to the following revised

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the descending secondary degeneration of the lateral

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The mode of infection is still a question of doubt. There is much

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which had been gradually increased up to 6 oz. pe?'

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Gangrene of the extremities, loss of sight, a violent cough, loss of

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haps, not be unimportant to emphasize once more, in

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not be seen, but some days later a very minute fragment of straw was removed

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make such improvements as may still further increase

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cervix and part of the lower uterine segment being pulled away with the

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half so hard or so bitter as the old Guy (or, as his accomplished

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whk^ proceeds from psychical causes, and hypochondria cum materia

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prove that they benefited on the Coast by their good conduct and su-

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of the heart and arteritis deformans of the systemic arteries generally,

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feet) is a general one, and may result in a nasal catarrh, an attack of

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feeling is attained, anaesthesia is also imminent. From the time that sleep

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The amount of albumen is generally small. When once it disap-

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removal of the uterine appendages, or double oophorectomy, upon the

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practice. He will be ninety years old next October, and

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form, in which blood is infused into the pustules when patients are allowed to