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greatly exceeds plasma levels. High stool potassium levels

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traced step by step from the beginning, — if the symptoms as

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Dr. Doig: I like the paper very much. I have never used douches previous to

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months from October 5, 1917, to March 29, 1918, there had been 917

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were filled with fluid blood, but contained no air-huhhles ; the cere-

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It acts more rapidly on animal temperature than on the

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York Post-Graduate Medical School, New York City, N. Y.

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grain) and extract of belladonna (one-half grain) in the

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60 to 150, and even 200 milliamperes, with no more effect

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Unfortunately, the medical press has unwittingly, in its efforts to

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Clinical Experience has proven that Neurosine is the most effective Neu-

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ally in the metacarpo-phalangeal joints of the fore, middle, and ringfingos;

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these flukes are human or avian, as suggested by Dr. Brandes, re-

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Forsyth's new London Medical and Surgical Dictiona'ry.

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quently derive many instructive and useful analogies. Besides, we have

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112; Hospital and general practitioner, 433; Harvey's

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and such cases deceive the attendants of the child into the belief that the means

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Nervous Gastralgia. — I have already indicated to what ex-

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not indicate reduction in the duration of nj^stagmus following rota-

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We hope to make this Department of the Journal both interesting

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peared to be the direct result of constitutional syphilis. lie

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Pediatrician, Municipal Contagious Hospital, Chicago; Member of the -Advisory Com-

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of Italy.'^ Fractures of the thigh, when we thought we ought to

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2. When managed care plans restrict the care that physicians may provide, the following principles should be

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of the enterprising journal, La Presse Medicate, that the gratuitous diagnosis

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in the hands of student or practitioner. Prof. Dalton

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almost disappeared in Holland and Germany, while even in Italy

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the product of cell necrosis produces a secondary effect, which we

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1. Make first a preliminary colorimetric observation, using half-

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many pretentious hospitals having more than one hun-

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Rect.\l ETHERiz.vnoN. — Dr. S. Baruch, of this city,

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X. Case of Puerperal Uremia. By Y. J. Fourgeaud, M. D. of San Fran-

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Amid the many preparations in which our local and Indian

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the right side of the nose near the tip, the result of a broken-