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Compazine Suppository During Pregnancy

T. Southee, on March 15. Tlie duties will commence on March 31.
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nursed 36 hours and then refused to nurse; had convulsions second and
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his or her own appetite as regards diet. Nothing reason-
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The aged professor lived to be ninety-three, and con-
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curved trocar, four and a half inches long, (three of which is handle,)
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in the present system of medication," and seeks to perfect his
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Ulcere that have existed some time are surrounded by thidcened edges,
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were very constantly found in the intestines not only of cholera
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words, stating that the value for sugar beets for pigs is "derived
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nasopharyngeal obstruction is merel.v an incident in
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and conditions of the blood is a much more fruitful
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■ Boas's reagent consists of resorcin resub. , 5 ; sacchar. alb. , 3 : alco-
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enlighten us upon the present state of the question.
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The Pacific Coast has furnished during the year fifty-four thousand flasks of
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addressed to the Right Hon. Sir J. Pakington, G.C.B., M.P.
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internal rectus. Australas. M. Gaz., Sydne.v, 1894, xiii,
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pilation of many thousand cas< in placing ;it over 20
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that no relation exists between this phenomenon and the amount of
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The treatment, once the diagnosis was established, was to empty the
compazine suppository during pregnancy
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the alcoholic specimen you see at the side of this cut,
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^paratus, but always retains its pristine form and habit— that sudi a syatem is endowed with the greataat fkmotkHMl
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sion to the hospital he began to suffer from pain in
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downward, owing to the action of the flexor muscles aris-
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600 cases of resection. Of these 421 were performed for white
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length and breadth. I hope it will not be considered vaunting if I say
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