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either the initial symptoms of shock have not been fatal or the onset has

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always true. In older patients there is sometimes a tendency to slowly pro-

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Prognosis. The prognosis of adrenal tumors is bad, largely on account

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which was about to suppurate. The tumor was painful and

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lesion, while Monakow regards it as certain that cerebral hemor-

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for the pin-hole to be seen. If this is done slowly, the KC1 solution will be

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Of these only the infectious theory has been at all

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concerns in a worship setting such as this is, at once, both healing and

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conductivity of the former being more quickly diminished

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Europe and of North America, and then showed the same fluctuating

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following days, is expected to be on as large a scale, if not larger

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serious disease (33 per cent, of the cases); but it may occur late, that

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are guided largely by surroundings and ultimately by their

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numerous theories of inflammation. Let us for a moment reflect upon

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from the uterus (Am. Gyii. Trans., vol. 23, 1S98). In the

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to the conclusion which he draws, that it might have done a

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by anaesthesia, and increased reflex movements in palsied parts.

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In the case of such a man as this the poor biographer is to be

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three inches in length, just beyond the edge of the quadratus muscle. A firm,

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" Opera, flower-show, play, etc., all in one week, brought

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animal, excited by the pain of the bite of the snake. Twenty-five minutes after the stroke

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payer in that county about a unit system. That county has about 12,000

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night, J H. Emerson, H. C. Coe, Elizabeth Cushier, and

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dazed white leather lining of hats is strongly impregnated with carbonate of