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cious employment of electricity. Duchenne and others in France bear

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hypotension who are able to tolerate such adjustments (See PRECAUTIONS. Drug Interactions and ADVERSE REAC-

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combine oil of turpentine or water of ammonia with it. If

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prove superior ; probably from the debilitating effect of a

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tially practical — each pupil being obliged to per-

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In doing this we make the Following recommendation:

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support on the fibro-muscular tissue. (4) Sometimes we

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urine is, therefore, of great diagnostic and prognostic significance.

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operations performed, the supply still fails to satisfy the need. Wait-

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adequate mercurial treatment has been employed, than in cases

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of nerve and muscle involvement, however, esi)ecially when there is a

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Klebs-Loeffler bacilli. In consequence of this the case was treated with repeated

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liability to become perforated. In conclusion Ricard gives

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parietal and visceral layers of the pleura were seen to separate first

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made to suit the climate in which Nature placed it. The descendants of these

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Guardians, from the Guardians to the Poor-law Board, and,

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What is the Secret of Cure of an Ulcer of the Leg ?— Chipault

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the uterus. A great objection to these methods is, that

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of the clinical fact that tubercular disease in the

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stituents of fibrin, which coagulate on exposure to the atmosphere,

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really to blame, and then to others in succession, until

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mediate host (sheep, cattle, hogs, man, etc.) through contaminated food

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in persons of athletic and robust constitution, and of sanguine tem-

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control of the Assembly too; but by hard, unwearying work we killed

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the papers presented was excellent. They showed greater care in pre-

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ing the eyeball, the sensibility of the latter being preserved, the nerve is

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In 1886 it was proved to be a separate pathological entity by

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early in the course of the affection, and a slight degree of this state of

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and surrounding parts with the solid nitrate of silver, or with strong

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a difference between the findings of the instrument and the

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ness of the muscles are very troublesome, and the sufferer is

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note is given. Posteriorly on the left side there is a tympanitic note about

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there by the Admiralty with the rank of Professor, Stafi-

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of their bringing up. — Deutsche Medicimsche WochaischrifU

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F.R.S. (Ed.), Major I. M.S. Pp. viii + 528, with 136 illustrations.

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»lio pi«'.srnt»'il a .•<«i>lliiij{ over llic left cvi'lirow, roiinti ill oulliiir, with