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e systemic venous system through anastomosing branches. The

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be recommended, on account of the shaking which is its neces-

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having read or being minutely acquainted with Brandt's direc-

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to a .small portion of one ala, it will not heal up entirely, and

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• Joint Replacement • Sports Medicine gAre & Joint

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ple, flows up and meets the downward current bearing

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mal, acts upon the blood corpuscles, and alters their shape ; and that this is precisely

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sutures, as catgut did not stand the strain. Extra sutures

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being estimated to be a little over 2 in 1000 parts. The greater part is

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with complete restoration of function. Bowlby's writ-

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the muscles, anesthesia, and diminution of the tendon-reflexes. An-

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gree, prevent long contact, and also remove the offending cause."

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one a child of seven years, and the other a child of six

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Pain over the kidney is often relieved by the hot-water bag, the

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in the recumbent than in the erect posture. The second aortic sound

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to be chronic, though for the most part curable, and in the form of

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order to form the nuclei, which are afterwards surrounded by an enve-

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of the heart, viz., near the ensiform cartilage. It is apt, without care, to be

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work in securing the withdrawal of its charter from the

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medical writers and practitioners. Since that date, facts previously ob-

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Commissioner, ''n the investigation that has been under way for the past

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Dr. Hibbs said that when necessary, which would not often happen,

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of the profession, in a high sense of professional responsibility.

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years there has been a decline in the State’s rate of

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are suspected by the clinician to be the main factors of some of the

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Disseminated Cerebro-spinal Sclerosis . . . . . . .752

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with spastic conditions, and the muscles respond to mechanical and

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great virulence, indications for surgical interference are to be found,

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believe predisposes to a large group of closely related dis-

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jority of cases it was not only justifiable, but the

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traektangen og dms Teknik, [Axis-traciion forceps and its

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posteriorly, extending towards the promontory of the sacrum;

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epithelium lining the intestine, and this fact made him surprised tiiat Dr.