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munication between stomach and jejunum was perfect; the
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mediastinal tissues become affected, so that the parietal pericardium is fixed
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costal margin. A 3-ml syringe was attached to the needle and
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The term chronic dysentery should be restricted to cases either of sub-
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in the floor of the pelvis, the perineum, and other topics.
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supposed from its sudden on.set to be spinal hemor-
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decision, in special cases of injury to health, can
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complete attacks lasted two or three days. The pain was
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and possibly of childhood, which affects especially the long bones of the
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became variable, ranging from 118 to 140, 150 and oveh
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observation ; but he still contended it would be impossible to
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before. The attack was preceded by chilliness and malaise ;
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the least positively established of the sis. In saying that descending fibres
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Phila., 1895, xvi, 188-193. Also, Reprint. . A pro-
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through the alveoli, and complicated with hare-lip on the right
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the manufacture of the alkaloid ver atria, which is obtained by first
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From typhoid fever it differs as widely as jx>ssible by its rapid onset,
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considered as related to tuberculosis in so far as it leads to a
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time would do harm rather than good. The impression he
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uaek., Berl., 1888, xxxii, 165- 192.— Hall ( R. B.) [Sal-
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a slanting position, which gave it an Asiatic cast. This peculiarity
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infection claimed for it by the discoverer. ; the process of disinfection by heat. — Britith
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Sweet and Stewart have shoAvn that the lymphatics between the bladder,
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lesion can be demonstrated clinically, then the diagnosis of the cranial
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Dr. H. B. Andrew, of Sandbridge, and Dr. T. H. Bethune, of