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caused by the passage of a calculus along the ureter, or renal colic. The
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and recommend whether or not a Class A four-year medical school
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these may be added the fatty degenerations associated with amyloid and
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next ensuing stated meeting as hereinafter more particularly provided ;
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Course, £S 8s. Anatomy and Anatomical Demonstrations,
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resort was had to abdominal section. The adherent intes-
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was only very short — about the last three weeks of June.
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Ah, but then came the dreaded climax of our year. We put away our blue jeans,
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cases where it occurred in the body of the uterus : one
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hydrochlorate. 1 Although this substance is not held in true solution,
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internal rectus. Australas. M. Gaz., Sydne.v, 1894, xiii,
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of the fifth toe and loss of naU of the fourth toe. Right foot: necrosis and fracture
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the rebutting testimony introduced later, that Mr. Scoville was
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applicable to tricuspid incompetence, but the factors leading to the
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omentum will be extruded on to the wall of the abdo-
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I am not aware, however, that the tendency of such experience is to show
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a normal amount of blood is transmitted into the aorta. The muscular coat
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olar process, to which he had referred, and from the circumstance that the
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churches or schools or public utilities. It is a fact that general physicians who have been the
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capsule is so thoroughly emptied of its contents as in
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gave a horizontal nystagmus of twenty-five seconds and turning
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presented to the council by a fellow-worker on the pharma-
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Case 12. Osteo- Myelitis of the Tibia. Mr. T., age ten years. This
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Dsequence of an idiosyncrasy which is inexplicable. The muscular tunic
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lutely dependent upon its capability of gathering in and
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Brahmin, married at eleven, pregnant at fourteen, and with severe osteo-
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strip of adhesive plaster, about fifteen inches long and three
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changes are totally unlike those which occur in paludal disease, all
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Dose of PtZ. Galbani composites, 10 to 20 grains; Tinct.
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regretted the necessity of this change very much, I was gratified in
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or voliintarj or involuntary passiveness while sinking, and other cir-
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to make a quantitative estimation of the acid of the contents, the