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themselves to his directions and what of his medicines

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tious diseases during the epidemic of 1889-1890." Wutzdorff arrived

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region, about the lower waters of the Euphrates and

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liniment three parts and chloroform one part. This mixture has

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consecutive, but is truly so in the pathological sense, as indicative

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ened, and it was impossible to find the point of exit of the dilated glands

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tion of the public as essential, and agree that no means of stimulating its

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veying the wishes of the Council, that although they " did not

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and the placenta required artificial removal on account

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The Influence of Carlsbad Water on the Secretion of

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her the convulsions returned about every twenty min-

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demic character. Many of these owe their origin to a certain morbific some-

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by other portions of the system ; no part will be compelled from

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exceeds those of males. Cholera infantum carried off 39, dysentery 15,

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and table of equivalents. As a whole, and as individual parts,

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ceding ten years (Table 7). 37 The illnesses in most of these

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Altogether, however, the arms had regained a fair amount of

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enlightenment, steer a comparatively straight course through

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naturally strongly object to it. In those cases in which the parents

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develop, and eczema, herpes, and other skin affiactiiQas hive

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chian tube, and Rosenmueller fossa. Thus we see there