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such a guise that, when the discovery is made, like the
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intellection, of conscious and unconscious mental action, — are
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at the Hotel-Dieu, but without any favorable result. During the trials it was
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stomach to the digestion of some oppressive substance, which
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those cannot have who are launched into practice fresh from a three yean 1
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You are the representatives of a profession, distinguished alike for its antiquity,
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Medical Attendant to the North Dublin Union.) , a labour-
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tressing. The matters first ejected are the contents of the
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ified with cream of tartar, and poisoned with considerable
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waited, with some risk to the patient, until the acute symptoms
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the action of chloroform in its treatment ; I had an account of
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numbers engaged in teaching, and time devoted to the clinical course.
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dministra tion is lost, and much less will be exhibited. When
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addition remark, concerning the case of puerperal convulsions
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and also to fill up their number to ten, that being the number to which this
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and he was placed in bed with rather more care than usual, but
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dent, who seeks after principles, on which to base his answers in pass-
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may have been a grevious sin, but if so, we must plead that it was one of the
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as long as its fellow of the opposite hand. It presents a natural appear-
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4th — During the night the child spit out several membranous strips.
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through left nostril into left antrum, under the cheek
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The bulk of the volume relates to treatment. This subject is
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nesota, and Nebraska. — Dr. J. C. Hughes, of Keokuk, Iowa.
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efactor to the human race ; his development at the very outset of
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Medical Department to this city, where hospital advantages could be
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moist and of the natural colour, with the exception of a dark brown
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except as placing the diagnosis of basal fracture on
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Cases of Polvpus of the Womb, with remarks. By Walter Channing,
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men not u to the manor born,'' who heard many wholesome truths worth
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vented, however, by judicious pressure upon the gland before and
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Tongue dry, with a dark, thick coat. Pulse 120, dicrotic ; skin
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1857. Barnum's Case — Amputation at the Ankle Joint. 391
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as laid down by M. Bourgery, whose directions I believe are
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The retinal cells respond only to their own stimulus ; and
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hours after noon as the usual limit of the dinner hour, in our
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To one who has carefully kept pace with the discoveries of
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dence in the efficacy of the external incision. "We have not space to follow