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Election of Officers for 1S93.— The gentlemen whose names

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Achillis, and placing the foot up in plaster-of-paris, renewable

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altogether stop increase of growth, and in some few will

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Dr. Costine was born at Manis Riddle, in Dumfriesshire, in

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the upper free. Dr. Major showed two men suflering from

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Y'our Memorialists also ask that an iuvestigation be made into the con-

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and Inches. 2 / 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 3.5 36 37 38 3940 41 42

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of the luig, anteriorly and laterally (where the swelling had especially

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his loss. One of tlie sons, Mr. W. W. Shaw, is in the medical

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the friction became more marked, and sUaht increase ot the cardiac dul-

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Phillips, M.A., M.D.; H. T. Rutherfoord, B.A., M.B.; E. S.

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ranging between 116 and 121, and was always small and hard.

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satisfactory — no bleeding, no pus, no peritonitis. The right-

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German Emperor ; and in 1888 he received a patent of here-

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blame for that is not the new warrant, but the previous system, whereby

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during the treatment It is only fair to say that he has had severe mental

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1,716, as against 1,839 in 1891-92 and 1,979 in 1.S90-91. Women

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have been prosecuted. Even at the date of the committee

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Association not belonging to Branches are requested to

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mainder, 149 are Russian, 23 German, 10 Bulgarian. 7