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Digoxin Overdose Treatment

' However, the great majority of men of science are of a dilfercnt opinion,
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over the bottom of a large manger, so that his time will be fully
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to the mania for counting (arithmomania) ; or the patients may be im-
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The following article was prepared by the Editor and Proprietor of
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Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medi-
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This girl is aged 13, and I first saw her on August 29, 1919. This
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for moderate magnification ; the flagella, however, could not
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laryngeal dyspnea, was noted by us in 6 per cent.; by Krehl (Leipsic), in
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venience. Labor was artificially induced, and the woman delivered herself.
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high fever, to include the legs, and the entire body, the feet must not
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])atients. The book is one that is easily read, and is written in
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could not slip back. She should be encouraged to "spit it out,"
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certain definite state of equilibrium in the physical conditions of the
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as a cause of enucleation. ■/6i(Z.,448. — Dehenne. Corps
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HY. HANDFORD, M.D., M.R.C.P., Lond., Phys. Nottingham
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fatal cases that in thirty-four per cent, the symptoms
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or limb. They differ from contusions in that the skin is lacerated or
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by dialysis and their reappearance on ^,.^-a- „ ,- ., . . , , „ ,
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called hyaline glomeruli, which have still the form but none of the functions
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do not ferment lactose, and do not form indol ; from
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cemented together, as are epithelial cells, but they are separated from each
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ception, that the eff"ect of the anode therapeutically
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which a permanent cure is not obtained by internal treatment.
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the true Hunterian chancre. But, just as the inoculated cow-pox vesicle
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