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gastric juice. If other calculi — uric acid stones, for example — are the

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examined at leisure. The guinea-pig was kept on his back for a few minutes before

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Sandow's Salts may also be used as a substitute for mineral waters.

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Iron and digitalis were resumed as before, but the patient was un-

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strychnine in medicinal doses has any effect upon the heart or blood

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employing leeches or venesection; (7) by disturbances in various other

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following months 49 passages of this strain were made. Of the 98

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nature of the latter. He also maintains that he has traced nerves

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that against guinea-pig corpuscles. Thus the number of free

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citations in the Report, that the influence of moist weather upon the

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or are all organic bodies the mere descendants of originally created

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considers that sheep corpuscles and a specific hemolysin should

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that certain propositions which I advanced in my treatise on Stone,

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him, for Denman describes the mechanism not as he observed it,

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^•t 5, 72, lO) 12^, and 15 minutes. The broth tubes, after being

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Dog No. 106. — ]May 12, igoS: Conv'ulsions; cough.

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act as astringents on the aneemic mucous membrane of the digestive tract

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the method employed by the Lancet Commission, with certain

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seen in consultation on account of retention of urine. On passing

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as a most useful remedy ; more recently, the interrupted current,

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however, almost always, as in the present case, temporary. A curious

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Kronig and Paul.^ These variable factors were controlled as closely

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the bleeding proceeds can be determined with reasonable certainty by

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coarse sand, well leveled and equipped with good distributors, such

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body. The blepharoplast enlarges, becomes rounded, and divides.

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as well as the intellect ; and as between mere functional derange-

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3.15. — Respiration hurried. 3.23. — Pupils widely dilated. In

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