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into our Medical Schools without any such preparatory infor-

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quotes Michelson who says that, " syphilitic perforations

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nasopharyngeal obstruction is merel.v an incident in

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decidual tissue. He holds that the uterine epithelium alone is shed, but

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ing out of my entire system of technique they have suffered

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neither does it produce the starting, often caused by this popu-

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haps, to resume in part his usual avocation and habits. Convalescence is

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of the knee-joints, remained after the other articular affections had

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use for their developed muscles. The muscles are much more than

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Complete cure with preservation of mobility ; (2) cure

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ing the management of ordinary eases of labor ; aad

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number, extent, and volume of the glands in lymphadenoma, by the

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for themselves than is actually necessary. Basically one has to

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munity, it seems remarkable. Our city is full of societies

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explored in small informal conferences, and discussed over a microscope

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the family that ether disagreed with her. She tacitly consented to

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by contact after dislocation with a piece of bone of new forma-

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the cytocysts containing round schizonts, wliich break up into five to eight

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the great tenuity of the membrane at the splenic end, a very short con-

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Whatever view one may take as to the value of institutional methods

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plete evacuation of pus, so that none may accumulate in any part of

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a rare occurrence for pernicious fevers to make their appearance in

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September. The cholera had been raging previously among

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no certainty of this ; but I think it is a point worthy of

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causing complete anuria. The decline in the catalase is marked and needs

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your attention. I ask you to give the same clinical study

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pect in the case of a child who is supposed to have a